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Why Weight?

By April 30, 2013Blog - TSFL

Why Weight?


Healthy-WeightTake-Shape-For-Life-BellevueIn today’s America, being overweight (over-fat) is the norm — but it’s not normal. In fact, this common problem is one of the things that make diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, and arthritis so common. And if that’s not bad enough, it also increases the risk of male maladies, ranging from erectile dysfunction to BPH and prostate cancer. I have coined the phrase over-fat because weight can be in the form of healthy muscle mass.

One of the things necessary to shred fat is a plan that involves fat burning. This is essential to healthy weight loss. We have often heard that there is no quick fix.  That may be true – but in my experience as a Certified Health Coach I find that true fat burning is indeed quick.  Some have said it is too quick.  Not because it is unhealthy but because it does not give the client time to adjust to his new body and to identify with the changes.

Some companies say that their products put people into fat burn but the truth is that fat burning is a very specific balance.  It involves balance of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  If these are not adequate or in imbalance I submit that the person is probably burning lean muscle mass.   One of the things that the BodPod does is that it PROVES the burning of fat and fat only!  I have clients all of the time that prove this to me and to themselves using this tool.  So much so that I KNOW that if a person cannot come to my location and test with the BodPod I am still assured that they are burning fat and fat only!

Building muscle is important to health as well – VERY important — and is the next step that we take people to — ultimate health.   Shredding fat first is very important as an undue amount of fat is a stress on the body.  Because of that stress to joints, organs and systems I recommend shredding the fat first!  Then you will FEEL like moving more!  More on that in my next blog as we discover together habits that move us to health!

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