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Help for trying to Get Pregnant

By June 23, 2017Uncategorized

We meet some amazing people through testing people in our pod. Just last week Ruth (not her real name) came in to be tested. Now we had tested Ruth before but not for two years! Most people come to us trying to lose fat or gain lean. Ruth had come to us 2 years ago because her nutritionist had told her to get an accurate fat percentage measured so that she would be successful in getting pregnant.

Ruth had been to a fertility clinic which had proven unsuccessful in her case. Then she tried a nutritionist who then referred her to a BodPod test. She got the test with us, made come changes so that her fat percentage was adequate, and had a beautiful baby girl. That was two years ago. This last week she made the appointment again with us as she and her husband want a second child. What a joy to be able to help this mother with her dreams!

Obviously, this is not the norm for us but it is another reason to know your health number!

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