Your Optimal Health Starts TODAY!

business womanSteps to Your Healthy Future!

Step 1: Get a BodPod Test

This first step will give you your current reality.  This is a necessary step because it takes the denial out of the equation and gives a beginning point.  Unless we are honest about where we begin there will be no clues about how to proceed and instead of having a proven plan to get to a projected goal in a healthy way we will wander aimlessly through the morass of diets and claims.


Step 2: Use the Assessment to Formulate a Plan  
Everyone has a different beginning point.  We will use the BodPod numbers to craft a plan of shredding fat and building lean. This depends on many factors:  Gender,
lifestyle, ethnicity, and desire to name a few.  The plan will include nutrition and exercise and within 30 days we will be able to project how long it will take to reach the goals that we set together.

Step 3: Track Progress

Using the BodPod we will be able to track your progress and course correct so that your goal will be reached.  We will spend time with behavior modules designed to change thinking and actions so that the goal once reached will remain your final destination of optimal health.




Tracking insures results

The elements of health should be tracked.  If results are not measured you lose some very important data that can be used to course adjust in the journey toward health.  The right nutrition, the right balance, and informed tracking make all the difference!

Watch this video to see the difference tracking can make!