The Health Coach


Jan-Stahl-TSFL-Health-Coach-Medifast-Take-Shape-for-Life-Weight-lossDo you need a Health Coach? Have you ever said to yourself, “I need to lose weight now“, I’m overweight and feel gross”, “I have nothing to wear. I’m too fat”, “How can I lose weight quick”, “Is there any such thing as quick weight loss”, “I don’t want to lose muscle”, “I only want to lose fat”, I can’t get this last 20 pounds off”, “Help, nothing works, I can’t lose weight”. then you are a candidate for a Health Coach. Like any other Coach a Health Coach helps you put together a plan to win!

These are the mantras of many of Americans across the country. Most of these I have said from one time or another. Do you want to lose weight fast and be done with it once and for all? Then you need a Health Coach –someone who will walk with you in this journey of life.  I have had many people wish that they would have taken full advantage of my coaching help much sooner than they did!

As a Certified Health Coach I understand much of what happens in weight loss from the physical perspective. My expertise is to take that knowledge and to help you to learn the Habits of Health that will change the way that you think

Let me help you realize those healthy goals forever!