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Invaluable Info

The BodPod confirmed that all the gym time is working: I put on 7.8 pounds of muscle since my first assessment! Without this data, I would have just assumed I was gaining more weight and been discouraged. Brent and Jan are great to work with.


Weight has always been a sensitive topic for me and even more so now that I am the biggest I have ever been. After revewing the bod pod results it was nice to hear although I do need to lose some fat, the amount of muscle I have is above average. It's always nice to get a positive along with a negative. Thank you for taking the time to meet with me and even push our meeting up an hour! I am VERY excited to start this journey. I really hope to have great results!

Very Helpful

Thank you so much Brent for making the trip up to do my test yesterday! I appreciate your commitment to helping others be healthy and feel great. I'm sure that my fitness challenge will be more successful having the baseline from the bod pod to work from. Thank you!

Can't wait to get started

I came in a month early to just get reved up for this new journey I'm about to begin. Jan was so nice and easy to talk to. Lot's of helpful information, yet depressing, but that was to be expected. I'm not going there because I'm healthy! I am convinced that this time I will succeed because I will have the necessary coaching and help with maintenance and moving back into the real world of food. She is also quite inspiring since she has done the journey and is continuing on it herself.

Super informative

Brent and Jan and the test results are super helpful in achieving superhealth 🙂 highly recommend.

Brent and Jan - Life Line

After meeting with Brent and Jan, it is obvious that this isn't a job for them, but a life-long passion. Jan is a living testimony and Brent is the support I'm sure most spouses would truly appreciate. More than believing in the product, they love helping others not only change their physical appearance and overall heath, but their lives. You purchase the product, you get a life long coaching and support team with Brent and Jan that becomes a life long life line. Try putting a price on that.