The Cost

Medifast,-take-shape-for-life,-tsfl,-weight-loss,-weightloss,-weight-loss-plan,-lose-weight-now,-low-cost-weight-loss,-jenny-craig,-weight-watchers,-nutrisystemIf you think it costs too much to lose weight … think again!

The cost of being on the Medifast Food program with Take Shape for Life Coaching is very affordable at just over $2 a meal.  It is your balanced food source designed to give your body exactly what it needs for health in vitamins, minerals and protein all in about 100 calories. Nutrition is very important in weight loss.

Methods of loss like NutriSystems have much less nutrition than our plan.  Compare labels for yourself! Jenny Craig has similar programs but are not tailor made nor do they have the nutrition or the results that Medifast has — just look at the results of the study below.  Weight Watchers has some of the same support as we do but not the individual one on one help due to individual needs.  Slim-Fast has very little nutrition or results and even though it is the least expensive in the per serving it still takes more time to lose with this method, making it still more expensive than Medifast in a per pound loss comparison.

If you consult the chart below you will find the results of a clinical study that was conducted to find how satisfying other weightloss programs were.  The findings are that not only is Medifast Food more satisfying than the others it is also less expensive than any other program studied on the basis of dollar per pound of weightloss.

Counting the cost of Take Shape for Life should include health costs that would be effected.  In a study from George Washington University Medical Center the authors concluded that the individual
cost of being obese oroverweight is $4,879 and $2,646 for women and men respectively, and adding the value of lost life to these annual costs produces even more dramatic results: $8,365 and $6,518 annually for women and men, respectively. So what the program costs in food is more than made up for in areas of health.


What’s the Cost??

If you think the cost is too much to lose weight… think again!
Save money! For the results you want, the nutrition you need, and a price you can afford, the answer is

Take Shape for Life!