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FAT – Is it really a bad thing? Part 1

By March 18, 2013Blog - TSFL

FAT — Is It Really A Bad Thing?



Fat is a word that most of us do not want to hear on a regular basis, especially when it relates to our own bodies. We associate it with growing beer guts, tighter pants, and less-than-ideal sex and social lives. In my life it is a daily vocabulary word as my expertise is helping people to shred it.  Most people know little about fat so I thought I would spend a couple of blogs educating you on it.

It plays a critical role in many of the processes our bodies go through each and every day, and is both positive and negative when it comes to health.

Fat cells can swell to as much as six times their minimum size

Fat cells are really fuel storage cells in the body.  They can swell to as much as six times their minimum size.  When you lose weight it is the weight that is stored in the fat cell that you are losing.  You do not lose fat cells.  Everyone has fat cells; they begin to form and take shape before birth and then again in adolescence.  When they are mature you will not gain any more fat cells.  The size of the fat cells, as they swell to store energy and flatten when that energy is needed, is what we see in the battle of the bulge!

Fat cells are critical for survival and help assist the body’s “store and management” energy system. If it is not used for fuel immediately it is stored for later use. We want to limit the fat storage; as Americans we have no fuel shortage in our bodies!  Actually burning this fat and not compromising muscle is what my coaching is all about.  It is a precarious balance but if the fundamentals of this are obeyed – fat only is shred!


If you lose a lot of weight, your fat cells shrink, but they do not disappear

Having 100 billion fat cells in your body from weight gain may sound scary. The good news is that you can still achieve weight loss after your fat cells swell; in fact, when you lose weight, your fat cells flatten and shrink. Although their total number only decreases slightly (if at all), the cells become less metabolically active and remain in your body, waiting for you to pick up a bag of pork rinds so they can expand again.

The structures that support the burgeoning fat cells break down and are absorbed by the body as unnecessary structures.  For instance – for every pound of it there are 7 miles of blood vessels that are part of the support system for swelled fat cells.

This means that it’s better to try to maintain a normal weight than to gain and lose weight.  Someone who has maintained a normal weight (i.e. has been relatively thin) all their life will have an easier time staying at that weight than someone whose fat cells have swelled.  If you, have had an abundance of it engorging your fat cells – take heart!  If you empty those fat cells of their fuel and allow the structures to absorb you have a great chance of maintaining your loss.  If however you lose a combination of muscle and fat you lower your metabolic rate and the structures are still in place ready to host more fuel storage.


With our coaching plan and proven fat burn* products you will burn fat only leaving your muscle in tact!  Read more about fat in my next blog.


*On this website you can find the clinical studies in full.  The term “clinical studies” is bandied about a lot these days but check out our sources and hospital studies.  It is truly proven.


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