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FAT – Is it really a bad thing? Part 2

By March 26, 2013Blog - TSFL

FAT — Is It Really A Bad Thing? Part 2


measuring-body-fat-overweight-obesityThis is the second part of my discussion of fat and though it is not meant to be exhaustive will give you some useful information in this whole area.

Fat cells secrete extra estrogen

An abundance of fat and fat structures yields a very interesting byproduct:  Estrogen.  This abundance of fat becomes an estrogen making machine to the extent that over abundance of fat actually become a sort of symbiotic parasite with a mind of its own.

It may also wreak havoc on your hormonal balance, leading to a variety of illnesses and health risks. Estrogen, the classified “female hormone,” is a fat-storing hormone that is also naturally present in small amounts in men. But with an abundance of fat, estrogen levels rise and other health problems ensue.

Estrogen is necessary in men; it regulates a healthy libido, improves brain function (especially memory) and protects the heart. When the levels are too high in men, testosterone levels are reduced, and many men experience fatigue, muscle tone loss, decreased sexual function, and in some cases, enlarged prostates. In other words, there are no good side effects to increased estrogen levels in men.  Men can also have enlarged breast area because of this hormonal imbalance.


I hear all of the time that soy is bad because of the increase in estrogen.  This is in a small part correct – but a much larger culprit is estrogen secreting fat.  If we were to think logically about this very volatile subject – look at the Asian population.  They have very little incidence of cancer in comparison with Americans and eat quite a bit of soy.  Though this is not about soy I will just mention here that all soy is not created equal though that is for a different time!


Quick weight loss takes more time than you may wish to think about but soy is definitely the friend of a person wanting to lose weight quickly with balance and success.


Fat tissue attracts cells that promote inflammation

Of course we know that you feel lousy when you’re packing a few extra pounds, but there are also internal complications that result from excess fat.

Fat tissue attracts immune system cells called macrophages that promote inflammation in the body. If you are carrying any extra fat, your body begins to produce an immune response similar to when you develop the flu or have an injury.

Inflammation’s intended purpose in the body is to fight infection and when that happens – your body is doing what it was intended to do – heal itself.  So in cases of sickness inflammation is good; but when it comes to fat your body sees inordinate fat stores as a parasitical invasion and inflammation increases.

One of the things that happens when you lose fat is that inflammation is reduced and health increases.  This is probably the joy of my heart – helping people lose fat, gain their life and their health.



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