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Considering Bariatric Surgery? Bill’s Story (part 1)

Considering Bariatric Surgery?  Bill’s Story (part 1)



Lose weight nowMy name is Bill and I used to weigh over 500 lbs.  That is one weighty sentence!   With it comes crashing in on me the rejection the problems, the isolation, the loss of relationships and just plain pain.

I honestly thought that my life was destined to remain the same.  I had given up.  I saw no way out and though I had thought about bariatric or lap band surgery I thought that was not an option as I had no inkling of how to pay for the procedure and was not fond of this intrusion and surgical pain into my body.  I thought that as I had not been successful in any other thing as far as my body was concerned – that this would be more of the same.  Plus I had read about people eating through the reduction to come to the same place in their lives — just as much weight to lose and just as many problems.  I had also read about severe health problems resulting from bariatric surgery sometimes causing death!

I had a friend who I watched quickly and safely lose over 50 lbs in a short time.  I was interested but not convinced – after all 50 lbs was really a drop in the bucket for me.  I decided to talk it over with his certified health coach.

If you are reading this and you are morbidly obese you know the problems I had in life at an everyday level.  If I went to a friend’s home I was not assured that I would be able to sit.  Could I sit without breaking his furniture?  Not all furniture can hold 500 lbs!  Can I go to the bathroom?  Are there stairs? Can I get there – I could fit into my van but there were not many cars that could hold me.   I was at a point that all of these would look to me like an insurmountable obstacle.  It is amazing how many times people would suggest bariatric surgery as if it were not the serious major surgery that it is!

After talking to my Certified Health Coach I decided to give this plan a try.  I first got into a BodPod machine – a gold standard in determining a person’s fat to lean to within 1.6 ounces!  You must understand – I measured NOTHING in ounces.  So I went – not super excited to get bad news….how could it be good?

After the easy short series of tests I got the results.  Some of the results were good!  I found that I had over 200 lbs. of lean muscle mass and that was VERY good.  Of course I did – my coaches assured me – I constantly weight lift!  I laughed with them as I saw the truth – this weight that I had been carrying around was developing muscle.  The remaining fat would still kill me if it was not shred but I DID have lots of muscle.  No one had EVER told me that!

I decided to try the plan for one month.  That was the trial I would give it we would see.

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