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Considering Bariatric Surgery? Bill’s Story (part 3)

Considering Bariatric Surgery?  Bill’s Story (part 3)



Bariatric-Surgery-vitela-Health-Bodpod-VancouverI just cannot say how very important this time was to me.  I could eat in a restaurant.  Inside a restaurant – in a booth! I could walk the few steps to my work without having to stop several times because I was winded.  Understand I was still large – VERY large but for the first time I had hope!  Every day seemed to bring a new landmark.  People talk about belt notches cinching up – for me it was actually wearing a belt!

People were beginning to notice after the second month.  I was getting high fives and kudos right and left.  I can tell you that this did a lot for me at this time.  It was difficult to receive but my friends love me and they loved seeing me get healthy.

It was amazing that even thought I still had lots of weight to lose – my numbers were coming into healthy levels.  My blood sugars were normal quickly as I wrote last time but all my blood levels were coming into a normal range.

I was so excited, happy, blessed.  My whole life was turning around.  My relationships were blooming, my family was supportive.  People were not worried that I would die tomorrow.  I continued to lose and bariatric surgery became a joke!  Why would anyone do that when this plan is available?  It may not work for everyone but it is so healthy and life giving it should be tried first!  As I said before the plan is used by post bariatric patients as it is so nutritionally dense – why not try it before!!

I began to think about coaching myself – paying it forward.  I can so identify with being morbidly obese!  I wanted to be a Certified Health Coach as well!

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