Take the Bod Pod Test!


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Vitela Health uses state-of-the-art tools. We use the BodPod as seen in NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” The BodPod accurately defines a baseline.  Included with the test is a consultation with a trained technician, who will help you understand your results. If warranted we will then work with you to set up a fast, effective and healthy fat loss action plan.

This process begins by allowing the test to reveal your current reality.  Sometimes this can be a rude awakening, but you must remember that this is just a starting point. Our trained personnel will work with you to reach your ideal body composition.

Sometimes the test will be a pat on the back, allowing the client to see great composition numbers.  It is wonderful to see health rewarded!

These results will be specific to you.  Together we will determine what fat percentage is your target goal.  Many times people want to know what they should weigh.  The BodPod gives you information to discover a true healthy weight for your body.